Thursday, 27 June 2013

How to make your legs look longer

Hi everyone!

Many women are of average height and many are considered short. I myself am 5'9" so I am definitely not short! I love showing off my legs and I have picked up many tips along the way of how to make them look even longer. I think everyone should love their legs so here I am sharing my tips so that you can look long legged and lovely! To illustrate my tips I have enlisted the help of Kim Kardashian who stands at a pint-sized 5'2" and is an expert at looking taller. It's all about the illusions you see!

1. Heels
Heels are a short-girl's best friend. Not only do they give extra height, they also give that elusive illusion of longer legs. When wearing heels your foot is pointed downwards, showing off more of the leg and guiding the eye downwards. Another tip is to wear nude heels or heels the same colour as your tights. Again this gives the illusion of longer legs which is exactly what we want!

2. Short skirts
If you want people to think that your legs are longer, you have to show them off! Wear short skirts and dresses and flaunt those pins girl!

3. High-waisted pants
These make it look like your legs start at your waist so a definite positive in my mind!

4. Avoid ankle boots
A definite no-no if you have short legs, they can make your legs look kinda stubby! This is because they cut your legs off at the ankle, your ankle is the slimmest part of you leg so you have got to show them off! Wear heels or ballet flats that show off your ankles and you'll be singing!

5.Avoid flats
Don't get me wrong you have to wear flats at some time! When wearing skirts or dresses with bare leg avoid Converse or high-top sneakers. Just like ankle boots they cut your leg off at the ankle and we don't want that! See how Kim wears ballet flats? She's a smart one!

6. Self tan
Tanned legs are very often slim legs and slim legs are very often long legs, a definite plus!

7.Striped pants
I couldn't find a picture of Kim wearing striped pants so I had to use Rita Ora instead! She's 5'5" which is pretty average but doesn't she look tall? The vertical stripes on these pants guide the eye down giving the illusion of extra length.

Do you have any tips for the illusion of longer legs and what do you think of mine?

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  1. I like all of the tips you shared using Kim Kardashian [one of my favorite stylish celebrities]. I think ankle boots could be worn, just wear dark ones with dark skinny jeans.

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  3. Very informative Line Dresses with bare leg avoid Converse or high-top sneakers.


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